MSOP-ML in Facility-Wide Quarantine Due to Influenza Outbreak


The below came from The Legal Pad, Volume 4, Issue 3 (March, 2020), p. 2, published by Cyrus Gladden from the gulag in Moose Lake, Minnesota.

MSOP-ML in Facility-Wide Quarantine Due to Influenza Outbreak 

By Cyrus Gladden 

On Thursday, February 27, 2020, the MSOP-Moose Lake facility was placed on facility­ wide quarantine due to the virulent spread of influenza to many . within the facility over the preceding days. This move was made following the earlier and still-ongoing quarantine of two residence units for the same reason. Those two units are contained within the older (Main”) building in MSOP-ML and include elderly confinees and those with health problems deemed to make them vulnerable to a flu infection. In all, the population of those two special housing units is estimated at about 40 confinees at this time. Other than those units, the Main Building contains only a set of closed living units (“Omega”) reserved for those who MSOP Administration has placed there for disciplinary purposed or other reasons specific to individual confinees.

The expansion of this quarantine to the remaining living units ( contained in the newer “Complex” building) signified that spread of influenza infections was not under control and had accelerated. This infective virulence and the surprisingly severe symptomatic ‘clout’ of this particular flu strain required this public health response. 

This quarantine has restricted MSOP-ML to their respective living units, with the sole exception of healthy confinees with jobs in the facility Kitchen. Other confinee employment and ·all treatment programming have been suspended until this flu crisis has been brought under control. In the last two days, certain steps have relaxed various restrictions alittle. As of this writing, a new Administration memo states that the living-unit quarantine will end as of the end of Thursday, March 5, 2020. 

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