Speak Up, Minnesota!

There is movement afoot in the Land of 10,000 Lakes to launch a grassroots organizing campaign to abolish pre-crime preventative detention and shut down the MSOP.

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  1. Ms. Schoon:
    Daniel is not a “client”. He is a prisoner being illegally detained.

  2. Such a sad story. I think the MSOP in MN should be shut down. The clients take the same treatment programs over and over and over. Its all about MSOP making money. They intend to keep you and not let you out.

  3. My son, Daniel A. Wilson, is a client at MSOP Moose Lake. He has been there since January of 2017, and does not belong in this facility. Dan has been working hard from within this “facility” to challenge treatment objectives, human rights aspects and the legal framework of civil commitment of Minnesota. He obtained a paralegal degree and is now taking psychology courses. I send information I find online to him as well. This program is unconstitutional on so many levels. My son was lied to and railroaded into this place before we knew what was even happening. His initial assessment was exaggerated and twisted around to paint our whole family in a negative light. The clients do not receive medical attention as they should, or even allowed adequate hygiene attention when needed. They offer very little treatment and require leaps and bounds to attain the chance of release. This facility has no business calling themselves a Mental Health facility, a Treatment facility, or a State Hospital and is an embarrassment to the state of Minnesota!

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