Press Coverage

  • Update on the Galen Baughman Civil Commitment trial

    by Charlie Clark, September 4, 2019 5:27 PM
    Our Man in Arlington.
    A culture-clash of a trial will resume in late September in Arlington Circuit Court. The scantly reported-on civil procedure involves the disturbing topic of predatory sexual behavior and ...

  • Patrick Hope column: Virginia’s sexually violent predator laws have gone too far

    By: Patrick Hope Sept 29, 2019

    The “lock ’em up and throw away the key” era of criminal justice is over. Virginians have reassessed their views on criminal justice to better address mass incarceration weighed against costs and the likelihood to ...

  • Sex Offenders Locked Up on a Hunch

    The essence of the American criminal justice system is reactive, not predictive: You are punished for the crime you committed. You can’t be punished simply because you might commit one someday. You certainly can’t be held indefinitely to prevent that ...


    This is a very interesting video about a man that left the United States while on probation to Permanently live in Germany as his new home to live as a free person.  He shows what the new International Megan’s Law ...




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