Current Team Members

  • Steven Whitsett: Director of International Relations and Human Rights. Having spent 22 years in prison (including 10 years in isolation as an “extreme escape risk”), I had plenty of time to study the law as it pertains to sex-related conduct. What Steven discovered is at odds with what is being claimed by politicians and law enforcement officials. He now makes his home in Germany and lives in freedom.  Living now in Germany and studying European law, Steven is now convinced that the American sex-related legal regime is a violation of the basic human rights recognized by the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and the United Nations.  It his my intent to educate the public as to these violations, push for international recognition of those violations, and educate those on the registry that there is a better way to live. 

  • Nina Signorelli: A part of the class of 2022 at Western New England University. She is majoring in Law and Society; after graduating, she hopes to attend law school and acquire a law degree. Her studies of social justice inequality further her passion for criminal justice reform. Nina is working with Just Future Project to create a society in which an honorable, trustworthy justice system treats its individuals correctly. Special Assistant for Organizing Campaign (Summer 2020).


  • John Powers: A part of the class of 2021 at Marist College. He is majoring in Communications with a double concentration in Public Relations and Journalism, with a minor in Political Science. After graduating he hopes to work as a political journalist for a news organization. John is working with Just Future Project to educate, and inform  the public about the unreasonable, and unfair criminal justice system in the United States. Special Assistant for Organizing Campaign (Summer 2020).




  • Garret Christino: Garret Christino is a part of the class of 2020 at the University of Delaware. He majored in Criminal Justice and Psychology with a double minor in Spanish and Legal Studies. On campus he served as President of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity and on the Executive Board of the Henlaw Society. After college he pursued a Law Degree. Garret believes that all people in the US should be treated with the equal opportunity that America promises to its people. Garret is working with Just Future to ensure that all people get the fair treatment they deserve when it comes to interactions with the Criminal Justice system. (Summer 2019).


  • Georgia Longstreet: Criminal Justice major at Rutgers University. Her interest in questions of social justice spurred her involvement with Just Future Project. She plans to attend law school in preparation for a career focused on sentencing reform. (Fall 2018).


  • Andrew Provenzano: A part of the class of 2022 at American University. He is majoring in International Relations and minoring in International business; after graduating, he plans to pursue a law degree. Outside of school, he is training to become a scuba diving instructor. Andrew is working with Just Future Project to ensure that America’s criminal justice system grants everyone equal opportunity. (Fall 2018).


  • Wyatt Walther: A part of the class of 2021 at Occidental College. He is majoring in Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture. Wyatt was an intern of (Summer 2018).

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