About Us

Who We Are


We are people from diverse backgrounds, professions, and regions who are united by a passion for abolishing these deeply unjust and un-American laws.  We do not discriminate against anyone, including discrimination based on historical convictions.  We believe everyone is actually innocent of imaginary future crimes.  

Origin Story


Just Future Project is a new initiative with a long history. We trace our roots to the Civil Commitment Conference Call organized by Charlie Sullivan, president of Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants (CURE).  Many efforts in the movement to end mass incarceration owe their spark to Charlie’s tireless leadership over more than four decades.  The conference calls began because Charlie believes in the leadership of the people directly harmed by these systems – leaders he affectionately calls “jailhouse lawyers” – and the phone calls allowed these critical minds to come together and collaborate.  Just Future Project is the natural evolution of these early conference calls. Our website is designed to intensify the conversation focused on dismantling pre-crime preventative detention schemes.  We seek to foster a community around this conversation, and develop that community into a politically relevant constituency empowered to demand change.  Our movement is growing.  We are expanding to create a focal point online for advocacy energy and to bring people together under a common banner.  We can only accomplish so much on monthly conference calls.  This is the next step.  CLICK HERE to learn more about our theory of change.  

What Calls Us To Action


Many of us come to this cause because we are personally connected to someone who is directly impacted by these laws (i.e. friends, family, loved ones).  A growing number of us are allies who feel called to this movement by our values (i.e. civil rights advocates, faith communities, formerly incarcerated activists, psychiatrists, criminal justice reform experts, lawyers, lawmakers, social workers, clergy, academics, etc.).  

Where We Came From


Just Future Project is an independent grassroots organizing initiative supported in coalition by WAR Family Foundation (a 501-c3). We welcome new partner organizations interested in contributing to the fight to dismantle pre-crime preventative detention schemes. We are especially focused on connecting with and supporting people who are already working to create change in any of the twenty-one systems of pre-crime preventative detention.  

Indefinite Detention Advocacy Network (IDAN)


We know that the people closest to the problem are often closest to the solution, but furthest from resources and opportunity. We are beginning to coalesce a formal network of people living behind the walls (and their allies) to coordinate advocacy work. Early advocacy efforts have treated these systems like separate problems. That approach created isolated campaigns with limited resources that could not build on successes or lessons from other states. We believe we are stronger together. These laws were not created in isolation. Nor are they prosecuted in isolation. The people who run these systems – and profit from them – are collaborating to perpetuate these dehumanizing schemes. It’s time for the voices of reason and justice to form a united opposition. We are dedicated to abolishing pre-crime preventative detention systems, challenging dehumanizing labels, and realigning our justice system with values of restoration and reintegration.  Just Future Project is solely responsible for the content of our message, which may not reflect the position of its partner organizations.

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