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Round the clock monitoring

We at VCBR are about to get new ID cards which will have a GPS chip so that the administration can keep track of us at all times.

Prison Like Conditions

Watched all the time

A monitor sits at a table in each pod at VCBR watching us and trying to catch us in a violation of any kind.

Prison Like Conditions

Shackled and humiliated

I am taken to VCU Medical Center often for treatment. As a resident of a treatment facility, not an inmate in a prison, I should not have to wear a jumpsuit and wrist and leg shackles. Yet I must do this each time I go to the hospital. I am also not supposed to be within sight and sound of inmates from the department of Corrections who are held in a “holding cell” before their appointments. I am usually within sight and sound of them.

Prison Like Conditions

False charges

I was stopped by a guard while leaving the cafeteria. The guard said I had a sandwich in my pocket. The guard wrote up an observation note for my file, even though the charge wasn’t true.

Prison Like Conditions

Physical abuse

A guard at VBCBR verbally abused me. I brought the incident to the notice of the administration. It was under investigation according to a written document which I received from the Director’s office. While a case is being investigated, the 2 parties are not to communicate at all. The officer named in the accusation came to search my room. I told him he shouldn’t be there. When the guard noticed me leaning against the door frame as he talked, the group of officers “took me down.” I was put in isolation for a week and incurred a very serious finger infection which the doctor said couldn’t have occurred just from banging it against the room’s lock (as the guards said.) I was told there was no investigation. However, my fiancé, had a copy of the document and faxed her copy back to VCBR to show proof.

Prison Like Conditions

Guilty but innocent

I had surgery and was on pain medication. It was finished. I had no more. Staff said I gave the rest to another person. I did not. I was made to retake a class because of an infraction.

Prison Like Conditions

Efforts to bring about changes rebuffed

Efforts to bring about changes rebuffed;  Reg

In July, I sent to a state legislator a list of conditions in the facility which were less than acceptable. This resulted in a return letter to the facilities manager at VCBR by the delegate. The facilities manager (warden) then wrote to me. He rebuffed all of my statements as incorrect. I noted that there was no AC in rooms, black mold was growing in the showers, massive amounts of food were going in the trash, guards were using metal handcuffs and orange suits (like in prison) when the residents are taken off the campus, and we have restricted physical activity/ lack of outdoor recreation (due to under staffing).

Prison Like Conditions

The system here is rigged

I am a resident at VCBR. I have been here since November, 2009. I was arrested in 1999 and supposedly released from DOC in 2008. BUT..I was held at Sussex I State Prison waiting to enter civil commitment at VCBR.
I have been to court many times, first waiting to be committed and then every year since being committed fighting for my release.. I am now dealing with my second court appointed lawyer.
I have witnessed so many things here at VCBR that are biased, unfair and possibly illegal and unconstitutional. We are sex offenders, released from prison, yet still incarcerated as inmates, hidden from the public’s view.
The community does not care or know. We are truly being treated as prisoners of war. The residents here only want fair treatment and a chance to earn our freedom. BUT….this system is rigged. VCBR finds ways and reasons to keep us here. For the lucky ones that are released, the system finds a way to drag them right back here. Where is the justice?

Indefinite Detention, Prison Like Conditions, Worse than prison conditions

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