Illegally detained

I was sent to VCBR [Virginia’s shadow prison in Burkeville] in 2015 under false pretenses. First off, being diagnosed with sexual disorders that had nothing to do with the crime that I had committed. 10 disorders to be exact. I sat down with numerous doctors and explained that I was not an SVP due to not fitting the criteria.

1. Sex crime ✔️
2. Sexual diagnose x mental abnormalities ✔️

In 2021 my case was viewed by Dr. Craig King, whom came to the conclusion I was never supposed to be sent to VCBR because I never fit the “criteria ” at any time. The label was removed within 72 hours and I was released [from the shadow prison after 6 years]…. But what about the individuals that were there before me and are still there 🤔 under false pretenses???


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  1. this so messed up. you really need to file a class action lawsuit like asap

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