The Dobbs Wire: Mothers fighting for reason and justice for their sons

Mon, Oct 23, 2017 at 1:14 PM

College campuses:  For years a battle has raged on many college campuses–how to reckon with and even define sexual wrongdoing.  It’s a high tension controversy with high stakes, spurring mothers to organize and stand together, fighting for reason and justice for their sons.  The New York Times has a report on this important facet of the battle, have a look.  –Bill Dobbs, The Dobbs Wire    


New York Times | Oct. 22, 2017

‘Willing to Do Everything,’ Mothers Defend Sons Accused of Sexual Assault



By Anemona Hartocollis and Christina Capecchi


Excerpts:  Four women met late last month at a restaurant in a Twin Cities suburb, where they spoke for hours, so intently their waiter had trouble getting their drink orders.  Each had a son who had been accused at college of sexual assault. One was expelled and another suspended. The other two were cleared, yet one had contemplated suicide and the other was so crushed he had not returned to school.


And some of the most potent advocates for those men have been a group of women: their own mothers.  An advocacy group founded in 2013 by several mothers, Families Advocating for Campus Equality, or FACE, has grown to hundreds of families, who have exchanged tens of thousands of messages through their email list, said Cynthia Garrett, co-president of the group.


Few issues in education today are as intensely debated as the way colleges deal with sexual misconduct. Women’s groups and victims’ advocates have deplored Ms. DeVos’s moves, saying they will allow colleges to wash their hands of the problem. But a growing corps of legal experts and defense lawyers have argued that the Obama rules created a culture in which accused students, most of them men, were presumed guilty.


The women had been meeting regularly to share notes and commiserate. Now, over red wine in a corner booth, they were finally savoring a victory.  MORE:



Families Advocating for Campus Equality (FACE)

“The mission of FACE is to advocate for equal treatment and due process for those affected by sexual misconduct allegations on campus and to support those students and their families through outreach and education.”




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