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Thu, Oct 26, 2017 at 1:36 AM

A modest proposal:   Miriam Aukerman has a modest proposal for changing Michigan’s sex offense registry law, the registry laws in other states and a federal statute (SORNA), too!  In a commentary published by The Hill she makes a strong plea for public safety while urging bold changes in how lawmakers – and the public – ought to reckon with sexual wrongdoing.  Her perspective is all the more valuable for having convinced a federal appeals court to issue a ground-breaking 2016 decision that did serious damage to Michigan’s scarlet letter machinery.  The aftershocks from that ruling (Does v. Snyder) are still being felt; she was co-counsel in the case.  Aukerman’s cogently argued op-ed comes at a time when draconian punishments such as the registry are getting more scrutiny.  Let’s hope her essay helps reboot the discussion.  –Bill Dobbs, The Dobbs Wire


The Hill | Oct. 25, 2017

Sex offender registries endanger the lives they’re meant to protect



By Miriam Aukerman


Excerpts:  Our communities deserve effective public-safety measures that are based on facts and sound research, not wasteful and counterproductive measures born of fear. We all want to be safe. We have to demand our legislators pass laws that work and actually keep us safe.


This month the U.S. Supreme Court left in place a lower court’s decision that Michigan’s sex offender registry law is so ineffective that it is unconstitutional. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals not only found that Michigan’s registry treats those on it as “moral lepers,” but also concluded, based on a mountain of evidence, that registries don’t keep people safe.


As the Court pointed out, registries may actually increase offending and have “at best, no impact on recidivism,” probably because they make it so “hard for registrants to get and keep a job, find housing, and reintegrate into their communities.”


Michigan will have now have to rewrite its unconstitutional registration law. The only moral and logical thing for Michigan — and other states — to do is to abolish the sex offender registry.   MORE:




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