They told me I would die in here; it’s a set-up

When I was 18 in 1974, and when I was 20 in 1976, I was convicted of a sex offense with a minor. I served my time, and then when it was time for my release, to my surprise, I was seen by a psychiatrist for evaluation for civil commitment. It seemed like a set- up, and I was civilly committed. They told me I would die here. In 2009, they started releasing people. it again was a set-up. They let me out and others, but they wanted us to live in a rooming house, pay for outpatient treatment (that we didn’t need), and pay for numerous polygraphs, which they would say we failed if we didn’t say what they wanted us to say. Of the men I knew, including myself, it was a revolving door back to VCBR. The PO, instead of being a social worker to help us reintegrate into society, is a law officer whose job it is to play, “gotcha.” No matter what mistakes are made (forgetting to register, being late home for curfew, failing the poygraph, or anything, your probation is violated. You are sent back to VCBR. It’s a revolving door, and none of us have done any other sex offenses since our original convictions many years ago.


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