The system here is rigged

I am a resident at VCBR. I have been here since November, 2009. I was arrested in 1999 and supposedly released from DOC in 2008. BUT..I was held at Sussex I State Prison waiting to enter civil commitment at VCBR.
I have been to court many times, first waiting to be committed and then every year since being committed fighting for my release.. I am now dealing with my second court appointed lawyer.
I have witnessed so many things here at VCBR that are biased, unfair and possibly illegal and unconstitutional. We are sex offenders, released from prison, yet still incarcerated as inmates, hidden from the public’s view.
The community does not care or know. We are truly being treated as prisoners of war. The residents here only want fair treatment and a chance to earn our freedom. BUT….this system is rigged. VCBR finds ways and reasons to keep us here. For the lucky ones that are released, the system finds a way to drag them right back here. Where is the justice?


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