Lawyer needed for court filed claim against VCBR

I am held as a hostage resident of VCBR. My only offense was in 1990, and I have long since finished serving my time. I wasn’t even a Virginia resident, but I am not allowed to go back home to my family in another state. Even when I was released from the VCBR, I was not allowed to be with family for Thanksgiving or Christmas due to the fact that children would be there. It is depressing even though you try to keep your spirits up. When I tested positive for drugs, I was put in general population jail, so I filed a court claim and will be in the Danville, VA court 5/13/19 at 9:30am. I am in need of caring attorney. We are not supposed be put with “criminals” because we are not criminals. We are civil hostages and need a separate but equal jail facility if we violate our extensive probation. Furthermore, solitary confinement is not their option.


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