Haven’t I received enough punishment?

I want my name to be used with this story so that people can know that we in VCBR are humans and have unbelievable stories to tell. I came to VCBR from prison where I lived for 45 years. When I was 15, I raped a school teacher. I was given a sentence of life for that crime. I went before the parole board 32 times before they decided to give me parole. They did this in June 2017. They told me in March 2018 that I had made it. Before I was released, the DOC told me that I would be committed to VCBR. I refused to be evaluated by Dr. Rex Miller unless I had my attorney with me. The attorney advised me not to talk to Dr. Miller. I asked the attorney if I could beat Civil Commitment in court. He said I couldn’t.

I agreed to come to VCBR because I was being held at Red Onion State Prison and didn’t want to stay there for 2-3 years more awaiting a trip to VCBR then. On October 3, 2018 the parole board said it was going to rehear my case because I had agreed to come to VCBR instead of fighting Civil Commitment. They would possibly take my parole away and return me to prison for the rest of my life.

I feel it is wrong to bring me to VCBR after 45 years in prison. In prison I worked around women the entire time and had no type of sexual acting out toward any woman. Since being here, I went almost 3 months with no shoes because they had none that fit me. My health has deteriorated here also.

Robert Saunders

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