Collusion of the VA AG, PO, Judges, and attorneys

Men at VCBR have documented proof showing that there is a collusion between Virginia’s AG and many of the PO’s, judges, and attorneys. They are violating the human rights and civil rights of the men who were convicted of sex offenses and completed their time. Civil commitment has created an underclass for the system to take a monetary advantage. This proof includes court transcripts, emails,conversations, and letters. A complaint has been sent to the US Justice Dept, Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights Section, WDC; the Richmond Times, and TV stations ABC, CBS,and NBC.

Let us remember:
When a bird is alive… it eats ants.
When the bird is dead… ants eat the bird.
Circumstances can change at any time.
When you devalue or hurt anyone in this life, you may be powerful today,
but time is more powerful than you!!!
One tree makes a million match sticks…
Only one match stick is needed to burn a million trees
So karma teaches, be good and do good.

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