VCBR, Poorly Kept Building and Understaffed

A resident of VCBR wrote to me about the poor way the building is kept and the under-staffing of the facility. He said that somebody needs to investigate the fact that the roof leaks over much of the facility, there’s mold in several places, and dirt is all over the pipes and ceiling. The fact that there’s such under-staffing shows in many ways, especially in the lack of being able to give residents recreation time outside as well as inside. No recreation time has become a habit.
VCBR is supposed to be a non-punitive treatment center, but it is run like a prison camp. If a resident does something wrong, everyone is punished. They have cut back on copies we can make of documents. They have a rule that you can’t let anyone have what you don’t want on your food tray, even salt packets. It’s a no borrow, lend, or trade rule. Even bringing anything from your tray to your room is a write-up.


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