VCBR is killing people

My friend at VCBR was very close to a resident who was mistreated for 9 years there, not “cured” yet humiliated and completely torn down and made to feel worthless. He committed suicide Monday, August 5th at approximately 10pm.
VCBR is not a therapeutic treatment center as they pretend to the public. It is a high cost “cash cow” for the evaluators, therapists, and even many of the court appointed attorneys. VCBR is an awful and disgusting shadow prison where group leaders make residents feel worthless, rejected, abandoned, hopeless, and afraid. If residents don’t do and say what the group leader wants, the residents are written up and told they have thinking errors. In actuality, they mean residents are not allowed to think for themselves or have any ideas different from what the leader wants them to have. To have this form of civil commitment in the United States, a pre-crime detention that keeps men locked up after they have already served their time for a crime, is a crime against humanity.

friend of VCBR Resident

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