Client Interview

The below is OCEAN Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1, Article 3 (Aug. 1, 2019) published by Russell J. Hatton & Daniel A. Wilson from the gulag in Moose Lake Minnesota.


If the public and the state authorities are going to keep us locked up forever, they are at least going to know how we’re getting along. After praying for an interview, God provided.

Q: “How do you cope with the surroundings in which you live to maintain a level of sanity?”
Being a Bible-Thumping Born Again Christian here, this is a very difficult question. There are many tricks I see other people doing to cope; i.e. video gaming, movies, etc … to do battle with these unhealthy and demonic surroundings. We are a goal-oriented species. We have to have some sort of goal-set. Some only have short term goals. This may even include most people. I have short-term goals too. But they are matched by, and line up with, my ultimate long-term goal of staying true to God and getting out of here. I have not given up.
Therefore: I choose to fight. I choose this fight willfully and with pride. Just under my surface, there is always this searing hot anger directed at my captors; what they are doing to me and to my family through their unlawful acts of deceit and unrighteousness. Fighting back alleviates some of the appetite I have for this anger and penchant for violence I have toward them.
So I cope by trying to right this clearly wrong act committed against my humanity. I read legal materials, psychiatric & psychological journals that deal with sexual violence and any corresponding treatment for it relentlessly. The documents I read is where the truth is told, where their scam falls apart; and through the knowledge I gain, where my fight against them takes place.

I choose to fight by bringing the truth to them-allowing them to experience my knowledge of their malevolent deceit, their lies; and I take them to the place where they can wallow in their unrighteousness like pigs. Once they know the truth-have the knowledge of what harm they cause me, they can choose to go work somewhere else. If they don’t, I am then justified to determine they are evil, or demonic beings; not worthy of my time, effort, or patience. I can then ignore them in good conscience.
It is my belief that the education of these misguided and tortured souls is the most important Thing. It’s one thing to stand and watch an innocent man get beat up without cause. But it’s entirely another to stand there and beat someone without cause. Once they have knowledge of the truth, they are the ones beating me without cause. Once I relate this, they have a choice to make: do good, or commit evil.
In reality, the staff I find easy to deal with for the most part. It is my fellow peers who cause constant struggle for me. I don’t care about X-Box, JPay, Cable Television, or how many hours I work as a slave. I care about one thing and one thing only and that is: GOING HOME and regaining my life! We don’t live here, we only exist. I need to live, I can’t settle for existing. SO I FIGHT!

“It is my belief that the education of these misguided and tortured souls is the most important Thing.”

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