MSOP Reputation [Strategy] is to Maintain Public and Political Support

The below is OCEAN Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1, Article 4 (Aug. 1, 2019) published by Russell J. Hatton & Daniel A. Wilson from the gulag in Moose Lake Minnesota.


MSOP knows how important their reputation is to maintain public and political support and are desperate to protect this at all costs. MSOP is the most obvious example of what it means to put lipstick on a pig. Right before audits and certain tours, MSOP staff is frantic to clean the facility, make sure their clients are sitting in a tight nit circle during group and other bogus prepping, to further promote the illusion that there is some form of treatment occurring at MSOP.

MSOP staff knows how to redirect and recreate itself to confuse and distract the public and the Clients. They have most recently done this with the new tier system. The tier system is used to appeal to the selfish mindset of a sex offender by offering a number of privileges in exchange for performance. This seems like an innocent exchange. However, the incentive is meant to create an illusion that clients are participating in a meaningful treatment. If clients actually had a treatment that helped them recover from impulsive and compulsive sexual deviancy, with clinicians they trust and respect, they would gladly do the treatment, without any persuasive incentive. However, the moment treatment turns into an incentive program, it’s no longer treatment because the clinician naturally becomes skeptical of who is in treatment for the right reasons, and who is in it for the incentives. This causes a conversation between a clinician and a client to morph into a never ending cycle of interrogations. Whether its past or current behaviors or intentions, the goal seems to simply “get the truth” as if the client will receive relief from his sexually immoral mind by simply revealing the truth about it. A clinicians obsession with getting the “truth” reveals that they have used intimidation and incentive to promote treatment which tends to suppress the truth-training clients to tell clinicians what they want to hear. The clinicians know that they have created an untrusting environment where the client has reasons to lie: the client believes that only consequences and criticisms come from the truth, with the exception of small privileges for “moving forward” in the program – although the juice is hardly worth the squeeze. In addition, the client does not necessarily receive relief from his sexually immoral mind, by telling the truth.

It is the clinicians job to pose as a friend, but work as a spy. Every word said by the client, is recorded and sent to the Attorney General who represents the states interest to keep the client committed.

MSOP Mission statement is, “To promote public safety by promoting comprehensive treatment and successful reintegration opportunities for civilly committed sexual abusers.” Although the MSOP mission statement sounds good, it is absolutely contrary to past policies that require staff find reasons clients should NOT reintegrate back to society: “When documenting in a medical record, the following guidelines must be adhered to: … Progress notes should include factors that justify need for continued stay”.

When an MSOP clinician gives credit to the MSOP system for a client that gets released, they reveal one of two things about themselves: their ignorance or their willingness to deceive their clients. When a Client goes to SRB or CAP to get released, the Attorney General represents MSOP and the state of Minnesota and it’s the Attorney General’s job to argue why the client should ST A Y committed. MSOP has NEVER been responsible for any clients release from MSOP.

In theory, clients are supposed to move to St. Peter where there is a less restrictive living environment, when they reach certain milestones in their treatment. However, the system was never physically designed to actually allow this. Currently, there are many clients approved to go to St. Peter. Nevertheless, clinicians are forced to find reasons why clients should not move forward in the program because if every client that should move forward, did, there would be nowhere for them to go. The system has bottle necked because double agent clinicians have exhausted their excuses over the years, finding no other choice but to “graduate” clients to “higher levels” of treatment that really lead nowhere. However, these much earned titles have come with no real privileges for the clients.

With any other profession consisting of “sick” people, if the clients do not get well, it is the fault of the doctors and nurses, not the clients and. Any clinician who decides to get an education to help others, should expect to see the results of their hard work. However, MSOP is like the surgeon who simply leaves his patients on the operation table to die because no client ever gets rehabilitated at MSOP. However, in the scheme of MSOP civil commitment, clients do not work with clinicians, therapists or doctors, but government agents in sheep’s clothing. Without growth, there is no life and those that work at MSOP are satisfied with their work environment and it’s lack of life, vitality, or joy.

Those that currently work at MSOP fall into one of two categories: they are either new naïve bright eyes hoping to change a system they know is corrupt by becoming a part of it or they are the “left overs” of decades of staff that have had the integrity to walk away from what is clearly wrong.


1 Policy 24.1, Reissued 4/00 Reviewed 5/01, approved by Frank Milczark, former Chief Executive Officer of MSOP. (Note: This is an old policy. However, we have yet to find a new one stating, “When documenting in a medical record, the following guidelines must be adhered to: … Progress notes should include factors that justify need for reintegrating the Client back to the community.” In practice, this old policy is still used.
“The right to be free from confinement is of the very essence of a scheme of ordered liberty.” –Palko v. Connecticut, 302 U.S. 319, 325 (1937)

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