The Dobbs Wire: Suzi is found, decades later

57 years ago a campus sex scandal made the news.  Mark Oppenheimer takes a long look back at what happened, tracking down those who were involved, and raising important questions about how sexual wrongdoing is handled in the internet age, with sex offense registries and far higher stakes.  Have a look!  -Bill Dobbs, The Dobbs Wire   


The Tablet | Aug. 21, 2017


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A look back at the original American campus sex scandal, and whose lives it actually changed


By Mark Oppenheimer


Excerpts:  The girl was named Suzi. It’s not a fact I learned from any of the newspaper reporting at the time, all of which scrupulously concealed her name. Having heard about Suzi, from time to time, for 20 years, I lately found myself wondering about her.


I wanted to understand how the actors saw things nearly five decades on. Suzie would be 69 or 70, the men five or six years older. I wondered if the men were remorseful, and I wondered if Suzi was vengeful.  


I’m only suggesting that sex scandals predate the co-ed campus, predate the 1960s, predate even the modern American university.  And that maybe by looking at how earlier eras reacted to such events, we can learn something about how far we have come, and how far there is to go. 


I was driven in part, I’ll admit, by my reporter’s simple amazement that not so long ago, before the internet, people carrying the label “convicted sex offender” could carry on, their names receding into the mists of time.  MORE:



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