The Dobbs Wire: Registries are not feminist!

Amid rising anger over sexual wrongdoing, a feminist writer takes aim at the sex offense registry.  Reina Gattuso’s powerful essay questions the existence of an official government blacklist that now ensnares hundreds of thousands of individuals, have a look!   -Bill Dobbs, The Dobbs Wire



Femnisting | Dec. 21, 2018

Why Should Feminists Be Against the Sex Offender Registry?



By Reina Gattuso


Established in the ‘90s following several high-profile rapes and murders of children, the sex offender registry used parental grief to propagate “tough on crime” policies.  But there’s a problem: sex offender registries don’t work.  Registries don’t help prevent recidivism, and may even make it more likely.


Understanding the feminist argument against sex offender registries is particularly important right now, in the wake of a global #metoo movement that has prompted difficult, important questions about justice and the possibility of genuine accountability.


I know the withering rage that makes us want to breathe fire against our abusers, that makes us want to toss them to the bottom of the ocean or launch them to Mercury or impale them on a stake. That rage is real and right and feminist, and I’m never going to tell a survivor how to feel toward their individual abuser.


At a moral and a policy level, however, we must know that our healing is, for better or worse, wrapped up in collective societal healing—and that includes the human rights of perpetrators. If we want to achieve meaningful progress around sexual violence, we must believe in meaningful accountability.  MORE:




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