The Dobbs Wire: 4.8% increase in one year – latest blacklist stats

The Dobbs Wire:  More than 912,000 on government blacklists –  4.8% INCREASE in the number of sex offense registry listings in the last year     



The Dobbs Wire has produced a new chart with the latest sex offense registry statistics for every state and Washington DC, along with figures from 2017.  One key indicator continues to *increase* — the total number on blacklists is now 912,643.  That’s a 4.8% climb in the last 12 months!  42,001 listings have been added since 2017.  


These government blacklists produce no benefit to public safety but they sure pack a punch.  Life shattering consequences include routine harassment, discrimination and even vigilante attacks.  Are such lists needed?  That’s a public discussion that needs to happen.    


Oddly, the federal government doesn’t track the numbers; a federally funded non-profit organization does:  National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) updates an online map with the statistics every six months, those figures are the best available although their accuracy has been questioned.


Have a look at the attachment, our new chart.   -Bill Dobbs, The Dobbs Wire 

Download the PDF file .



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