The Dobbs Wire: Confronting the power of fear

The Dobbs Wire:  Confronting the power of fear.  In the aftermath of a high profile crime, Boston Globe columnist Nestor Ramos tackles fear — have a look!  –Bill Dobbs, The Dobbs Wire


Boston Globe | Jan. 28, 2019

People have always been afraid. But these days, our fears are getting the better of us


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By Nestor Ramos


Excerpts:  It is easy, days like these, to look out the window or peer through the prism of our glowing screens and see a world that is full of monsters. 


How else can anyone make sense of the allegations against Victor Pena, who police say turned a chance encounter with a vulnerable young woman into an abduction. Pena is now undergoing a mental competency evaluation and has pleaded not guilty. But the details of the case against him represent the world at its most frightening: a place where violence lurks around every corner, where every stranger on the street is out to get you.


And who wouldn’t be fearful, if you follow the news at all? Like so many people accused of heinous crimes all over the country, Pena’s face was plastered on every television set, homepage, and front page this week, his bizarre social media presence offering no shortage of disturbing comments and strange selfies. So it is not just easy but tempting to think that there are terrifying figures lurking, waiting, unhinged and everywhere, like devils among us.  MORE:




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