Sex Abuse complains about officers in N.J.

I have written numerous complaints and even tort claims against the sexual abuse in the N.J. civil commitment scheme, but to no avail. I need the public to know that the prison trashes legal papers that I write. My first complaint was about an officer at ADTC in Avenel, N.J. prison. He came in my dorm to use the urinal. He called my name and when I got there he asked me to look at his d….. He has done this more than once. The same officer calls me to his desk and asks me if I want to suck his d….. inside the office behind his desk. This, too, happened more than once. I sent letters to adbusman about the abuse. SID came to speak to me which was an investigation interview. I sent a tort claim notice, and the prison ADTC got the legal mail and trashed it. They then shipped me to East Jersey State prison. I need a lawyer to help me sue them.
Then at the new prison a security guard threatened me that he would put me with a “Big guy” but will tell him not to hurt me, but to use vaseline to make it more slippery. I wrote that up and SID spoke with me and got my report. I sent a tort letter, and again the prison trashed the legal paperwork. I need a lawyer to help me sue them.
Now October 22, 2018, I have stamped received by Wm Walsh, Clerk, my tort claim about Northern State Prison where I was jumped and hit by around 6 officers. They took me to a single room where nobody was, and beat me up. I need a lawyer to help me sue them.


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