Ridiculous Covid-19 Procedure at Virginia’s Shadow Prison

My son is a [so-called] “resident” at VCBR [the Virginia Shadow Prison].  A Cuircuit Court judge order him sent to this place two years ago for “treatment.”  My son has already served his time.  He was sentenced for a single conviction. He is now 31 years of age.

As of today [Dec. 6, 2020] VCBR has another outbreak.  The staff had to bring the virus into the facility.  My son’s [cellmate] tested positive for Covid-19 on December 4.  My son tested negative twice, but they moved him and others whose [cellmate] tested positive together — which makes no sense at all.

The shadow prison will test him again on December 8.  He called me and said that (according to the nurse) everyone will be sent back to their unit by the facility administration — including those that was tested positive. That’s crazy!  He can be exposed, mixed with those who have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

My concern is that the CDC or the state should have had the facility investigated when VCBR experienced its last outbreak in October. Now it’s gotten worse because VCBR has not followed proper procedures and has endangered my son’s health.

Please tell the Governor — and others! — that VCBR staff are not adequately trained or following proper procedure.  The state should have sent doctors there to assist in this matter.


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