No one should be civilly committed for life for one sexual abuse crime.

I’m asking that the State of Minnesota release my son who has been in jail and civilly commuted since he was 18 yrs old who will now be turning 40 soon. He served his whole prison term and was civically committed right from there. My son may ( would ) never, I believe, have been in this situation had his probation officer not lied in court.  I got the transcript and found out all the facts that I knew were not true, and talked to her boss up the line.  She was fired from her job. I unfortunately was unable to finish by talking to the judge as I got sick for several months.

My son was a great child and went on and was trained by a well known chef by the age of 17. He was hired working his way up at a very well know hotel for fine food and dining. He has such great potential yet to offer to the community.

I live on a hobby ranch where he could work and help me. I am not in good health and his dad also will be 72 this year. Please don’t take our only child away from us for the rest of our lives. We don’t deserve a life sentence also. If I had not gotten sick I most definitely [would] have taken all the information I had to the judge [and] we would not be here today.

How someone can lie like that and think she could get away with it and have a former counselor of my sons there to give the so called truth to back up the probation officer was not even right. He had [not] treated my son prior. He had no idea about my son except what he read from the probation officer.

I have a place for him to live, work, plus he still wants to resume his life as a chef. There are small places in the town I live near and many more places in nearby cities. He’s a very smart young man. He should be given another chance. I should be given back my only child. I am not in good health and his dad is not either.  He’s been away from us longer than he was with us.

Please his health is also not good. His heath is at risk of getting this Covid-19 virus very much easier, because of prior health issues. The medication makes him more easier to contact it. Being in a system like MSOP they are close together and transmission is way to easy. Or to be brought in by staff who are on sick leave. Well by the time they’re sick they have already spread the virus to the facility. Please I beg of you to let my son be released back here to the ranch. I May Not Have Much Time Left Due To My Health. My health is not good. I can’t even go see him very often because of it.
Please don’t take his whole life away from him, even people who commit murder get a another chance. I ask you to send my son back to me for the rest of our days.

They should not get a life sentence for this crime. Especially as he has never used a gun or knife or any kind of weapon.
Please Release My Son!!!

Thank You Susan Ellis


Susan Ellis

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