Free my son from the life sentence of pre-crime preventative detention: A plea from an elderly parent in MN whose son has been committed for 22 years, since he was 18

I would like the law to change in Minnesota that keeps people who have engaged in sexual abuse indefinably detained for life after the completion of their prison sentence.
My son was charged and did his whole sentence in prison. I found out when he was in court that his probation officer lied at the hearing, I was able to prove she lied and she was fired from her job and can no longer do that type of work. Unfortunately I got sick and couldn’t take the next step with the court. My son has been in prison or now civilly commuted since he was 18. He is now nearing 40. That’s my life time without him. He has paid his time. My health is not good. His health is also not good. Now with the Covid-19 virus he has an easier chance of getting the virus because of his low resistance. I have a small hobby ranch where he could live, work on. He would not be in close area to people. Like neighbors next door. I need him home to help us out here. My husband will be 70 yrs old in 25 days. I will be 65. Please don’t keep my only child away from me for the rest of my days. My son is an excellent chef. He was on his way to the top at age 18. It is something he still wishes to do and there are jobs here in the town I live near or many in bigger cities. Please I want to have a life to share with my son, before we don’t have anytime left. No one should be commuted to life for this crime, without getting a chance to prove himself. Don’t sentence us as his parents to life too. He served his time, I plead with you to release him to my place while we still have a little time to have a life with him. He was a super child if he had not gotten molested a few times before I found out about it this probably would never have happened, this was suggested to us. Don’t let this virus kill him. Let him come home. Before we are no more… we have no time left.  I beg of you to please give my only child back to us.
Thank You!

Susan Ellis

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