Corruption in Emergency Custody Hearings | A Wife’s Perspective

Waiting on an Emergency Custody Hearing

My husband is being unlawfully, detained under an “Emergency Custody Order” (ECO) for 34 days for an allege probation violation. This is an attempted to retaliate against him for advocating for himself and being unhappy with his lawyer’s conduct. My husband filed a bar complaint against his court appointed attorney due to her ineffective representation. On June 12, 2023 a petition to modify his conditional release was filed. On June 28, 2023 me and my daughter participated in a home investigation which was June 30, 2023 to the Attorney General Officer and the court. However, no hearing was conducted to address the petition filer on June 12, 2023.

Can’t even get a hearing

My husband attempted to file his own petition because he assumed the June 12, 2023 petition was lost. He attempted to obtain copies of the home plan. His attorney reported she did not have it, the probation reported they could not give copies, and the courts reported they do not have it on file. He attempted to file another motion to request a hearing and to remove the attorney. As a result he was detained for (per his probation officer) filing too many petitions. Moreover, he is detained with no court date on the docket on this emergency basis. We have not been able to get any answers. I am so loss on what to do and how can assist.

L. Knight

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