Fight for release

I have been at VCBR for over 8 years. I made Phase 3 in 2011 with a recommendation for discharge. However, for some reason, I was put on phase probation. False information was put in my record. In 2015, I was demoted again to Phase 2 because I complained about clinical misconduct. In 2018, I was once again in Phase 3 with a recommendation for discharge. However, a new therapist joined our group besides the then current one. These 2 therapists undid all the accomplishments I made with my previous therapist who left.

I complained about Ms. X. making fun of me in group due to my being sick. Even though I did the phase assignments, they wouldn’t let me present them, telling me I could during winter quarter of the year. On Jan. 8,  I read my progress report and they had demoted me back to Phase 2, saying that my assignments were not good enough and that I didn’t deserve any extra time to redo them. Every quarter they put me on phase probation, most likely because I have filed complaints about the incidents.

The therapists call me names, encourage other group members to call me names, yell at me, frown at me, roll their eyes at me. When I raise my hand, I am ignored. They put false information in my treatment record. All other therapists give me a good review , but these 2, Ms. X and Mr. Y put negative things in my record which are false. Recently Ms X. lied to have me removed from group, accusing me of interfering with therapy. She has told other residents to say that I stalk her in the halls. It is untrue but goes in my record. No camera footage supported the claim against me.

I reported that Ms. X played favorites and exhibits inappropriate behavior between her and a resident. She is taking revenge for that. One of the members of my group is a bully who is allowed to do or say what he wants to other group members because Ms. X never criticizes him or brings a charge. Ms. X. often visits this resident alone in the living unit. The facility sweeps under the rug romantic relationships between staff and residents. I can name 4 staff members who have been caught recently in a relationship with a resident.

Staff bring in contraband, mostly cigarettes and drugs. Most of the therapists are not licensed or certified. Ms. X isn’t. She is called a “Resident in counseling.” Money given to the facility for the residents’ needs is used for other purposes.Vehicles were purchased for staff while the ceilings have holes and leak, the showers have mold, and the residents are double-bunked in single rooms. Those in wheelchairs get no help moving around. I don’t get my medication on time. I have gone for days without it. Sometimes they give me medicine belonging to someone else. If I had refused, I would have been penalized. Most of the qualified therapists have left so now there is no good treatment going on. Professionalism is lacking. Trash cans are right beside our eating tables in the dining room.

The bottom line is that the facility is being run improperly, and there is a lot of mistreatment that is not being dealt with.


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