OCEAN Thanks You!

The below is OCEAN Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 10, Article 8 (Feb. 10, 2020) published by Russell J. Hatton & Daniel A. Wilson from the gulag in Moose Lake Minnesota.

We want to thank Eldon Dillingham, Garnett B., Pearl, Roy, James, Chris K., and everyone that participated in the civil Commitment Conference call on February 1, 2020.
It has been crazy trying to get the opportunity to be a part of the conference call. We are so glad that we were able to hear the stories and the encouragements from everyone on the phone.
One thing that we noticed is that there are some serious similarities between facilities across the nation. The punitive nature of civil commitment is consistently petty and harmful to detainees with absolutely no therapeutic value whatsoever. We are praying for everyone locked up in these places and don’t forget that you are not alone.
OCEAN thanks Galen and Garnett B for collaborating with OCEAN to find new ways we can expand our reach. You are encouraging us to work harder and with more zeal than we could have conjured up alone.
Thank you again to Jim Blessings for your letter. We are sorry for your situation and although we are in a similar place, it does not make hearing about your struggles any easier to accept. We hope and pray for your peace of mind, even if it comes before our own.
A thousand blessings to everyone fighting for our constitutional rights.

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