Is MSOP Neofascist?

The below is OCEAN Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 8, Article 4 (Jan. 8, 2020) published by Russell J. Hatton & Daniel A. Wilson from the gulag in Moose Lake Minnesota.

All of the information on “fascism” within this section, unless otherwise noted, comes from: Encyclopedia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite. Chicago: Encyclopedia Britannica, 2013.

The Nazi party was driven by an ideology called “Fascism.” There are a few elements that make an ideology fascist, including an extreme military presence, contempt for electoral democracy, a “survival of the fittest” mentality and the absolute rule of authority. All of these exist at MSOP. The “survival of the fittest” mentality exists at MSOP quite explicitly. I have heard more than once that the reason men die here without completing the program is because they “did not apply themselves to the treatment process” even if they spent 20 years in the program and died of old age at 90 years old. However, it is clear to most that it is the “favorites” that “excel” in the program. It is those that can smile and fake their way through. However, these guys sell their soul for nothing because they are not getting out of here, they are only gaining a few cheap privileges.
MSOP clinical shame detainees with titles called “thinking distortions” for anyone that goes against authorities for any reason. These labels keep detainees here until they die.
Challenging authorities is called, “system stancing.” This term is conveniently reserved to shame clients into submission. According to MSOP, filing a lawsuit or grievance is a symptom of a mental illness, not an American right. Similarly, Fascist educators in Nazi Germany discouraged critical and independent thinking that challenged fascist ideology.
The Nazi’s pushed for Volksgemeinschafi, which is German for “People’s Community.” At MSOP, we have “community meetings” where, like in Nazi Germany, individual interests are subordinated to the “good of the community.” Fascist’s maintain that the nation is like a family: It is strong only when the people obey their leaders in the same way children obey their parents. This mentality is grooming for a subordinate community.
For MSOP, not necessarily to prepare us for war, but to control us as a unit and not as individuals. In addition, MSOP benefits as long as the physically fit are subordinate, and the unsubordinated are unfit so that those who can fight, won’t and those who would fight, can’t.
Those who wish to implement Fascist movements often hide their totalitarian intentions before they gain power, then they employ their ideals. Lawmakers did this in 1994 when they were creating the laws that lead detainees to MSOP. It was only revealed later when the recordings of the Legislative Sessions were dubbed, and MSOP detainees could listen to them.

Although MSOP allows for “elections” for “Unit Representatives” this is not democracy. Unit Reps have no power and can be terminated, or replaced at the free will of MSOP staff. Likewise, before they came to power, Hitler and Mussolini, despite their dislike of democracy, were willing to engage in electoral politics and give the appearance of submitting to democratic procedures.
Fascist authorities will often try to control media, especially freedom of press. If there is one area MSOP reflects the efforts of a fascist ideology, it is in their attempt to control our forms of expression. In the past, oppressive fascist movements would explicitly halt all press or “cleanse” it by not allowing anything what might threaten the powers that be. However, MSOP uses psychology as their weapon, using shame and “mental illness” to convince the detainee that they are somehow wrong for challenging authorities. OCEAN has experienced this first hand. This tactic is actually very effective-obviously, OCEAN is the exception. MSOP detainees are expected to submit to their clinicians like soldiers obey their officers.
MSOP controls the financial lives of its detainees also. To get more work hours, one must submit to the treatment ideals. The irony is that if every detainee employed in the kitchen and industry were to quit working for even a month, it would significantly injure MSOP’s power. However, too many buy the idea that they may be, “one of the firsts” to get out. In a similar way, fascist corporatism was used to destroy labor movements and suppress political dissent. In 1936, for example, the economic program of the French Social Party included shorter working hours and vacation’s with pay for “loyal” workers but not for “disloyal” ones.
Like many clinicians who claim to be “Christian” yet support homosexuality and pedophilia, the vast majority of Nazis considered themselves to be religious, and most German anti-Semites supported Christianity purged of its “Jewish” elements.

In 1931 , Pope Pius XI denounced fascism’s “pagan worship of the State” and its “revolution which snatches the young from the Church and from Jesus Christ, and which inculcates in its own young people hatred, violence and irreverence.” We argue that MSOP does the same, and the “State Religion” is psychology and psychiatry, in the many forms they employ it.
Fascist ideals prospered politically only when perceived economic threats increased their appeal to members of certain social groups. Similarly, it is rumored that MSOP was created as a “Jobs Program” for the Moose Lake area.
OCEAN maintains that there is no such thing as “volitional impairment.” We were not “out of control” in the literal sense and we were not “impulsive” as every action has a thought behind it. Instead, we made bad choices.
However, the position of the psychiatric community is that we have a mental illness/disorder and that there is something organically wrong with our brains. If this is true (which it is not) then our problem of sexual immorality would be a genetic one-like being a Jew is genetic. The term genocide was coined by the Polish American legal scholar Raphael Lemkin. The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1948, defined genocide as killing or inflicting serious physical or mental injury on members of a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group with the intention of bringing about the group’s destruction, in whole or in part. The convention made genocide an international crime that could be prosecuted in the court of any country.

Does the Psychiatric community hold the position that we are genetically different than the rest of the population and that we are not fit to live among them?
The acceptance of democratic norms by western Europeans reduced the appeal of authoritarian ideologies. This required that neofascist parties make an effort to portray themselves as democratic and “mainstream.” Most neofascist’s abandoned the outward trappings of earlier fascist parties, such as paramilitary uniforms and Roman salutes, and many explicitly denounce fascist policies. Noting this transformation, in 1996 Roger Wolin cautioned :
“Beware of men-and women-wearing smart Italian suits: the color is now gray, the material is cut to fit the times, but the aim is still power . . . Fascism is on the move once more, even if its most sophisticated forms have learned to dress to suit the times.”

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