DEBWE-Truth. By OCEAN Editor Russell John Hatton

The below is OCEAN Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 7, Article 5 (Dec. 23, 2019) published by Russell J. Hatton & Daniel A. Wilson from the gulag in Moose Lake Minnesota.

Current MSOP Director Nancy Johnston and Reintegration Specialist Scott Halverson paid a first time visit,
[1st of its kind in 2 5 years] to its secure site in Moose Lake.
It took all I could to sit through that God awful “Reintegration Roadshow.”
I maintained an open mind and listened wholeheartedly to every word Nancy and Scott spoke. I could not help but sense that their words were meant for a different population as they tried to convince their audience that they are assuring the public that Minnesota’s “Worst of the Worst” are being suspiciously watched every second [ while on provisional discharge].
To (indirectly) tell the population that it doesn’t matter how many months, years, or decades we have spent in ‘their treatment,’ once our Provisional Discharge is finally granted-don’t worry, you’ll have just as long, or the rest of your life, to pretend that you can convince us you can be “trusted.”
I felt like standing and taking that microphone and turning to the crowd of men sitting behind me and saying:

I want to take the time to congratulate all of you who are working your ass off to get out of this horrible place and back to your loved ones.
I am proud of each and every one of you guys and I believe in you.
I believe it is not going to take several more years of “treatment ” to get you to understand the harm our choices have caused and to exhibit genuine empathy for everyone affected.

I wanted to stand and say that, but I am not trying to be a martyr. Besides, I have been told I already have a target on my back for the advocacy that I do.
I guess, to be honest, I do have a fear-see I’ve been a political prisoner in MSOP going on 13 years. I’ve witnessed quite a lot. Most of all, I’ve witnessed how gullible men can be when told pretty, colorful lies. I have nothing but empathy for them.
Because of this gullibility, no collective non-violent resistance has ever been established, nor will it ever be, no matter the violation of human liberty, rights and dignity.

These men are broken, Ms. Johnston. You’ve taken our hearts, and souls and control almost everyone as if we are the walking dead.
Ms. Johnston, Mr. Halverson, every Minnesota Legislator, Governor Tim Walz, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison .. . None of you ever have to worry about ever losing your Gravy Train – the MINNESOTA SEX OFFENDER PROGRAMS.
Because almost every one of your political detainees really doesn’t want to leave M$OP.
Not really when you put such veiled threats of character defamation and societal-political vengeance upon us through unconstitutional and inhumane registry tactics to almost certainly assure failure.
As I said, I’ve been here going on 13 years. I’ve never witnessed more broken souls in my life …
Sadly to say, the vast majority are perfectly complacent with the Minnesota tax payers shelling out millions of dollars every year to pay for their stay.
The trauma is, those who are working to get out are victim to the majorities complacency-including myself.
Yeah, you’ll hear some saying they want to get out too, it’s a blatant lie because they just want to “fit in with the group.”
Honestly they’re afraid because they may not have known anything else besides institutionalization.
So, no worry’s Ms. Johnston, save your breath Mr. Halverson. Don’t fret Mr. Ellison, this population is aging and 9 released in 25 years, isn’t bad.
Not while your main focus is where you’re going to retire away to after you’ve profited off the alleged “mentally ill.” [RJH]

A man should be able to hear, and to bear, the worst that could be said of him” – Saul Bellow

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