Caught on Camera: Child Molester Gets Beaten Terribly in Jail

9-7-16 Arkansaw:

The video is surveillance footage from the Washington County Jail where an alleged child molester named Kelly Holloway, Mary Reynaga’s brother, gets beaten up by four inmates.

Reynaga is interviewed as saying that she thinks they put people like that – referring to Willis – in isolation if they know they’re a danger to somebody. Holloway was sent to the hospital with a broken nose, where he received ten stitches and four staples. Reynaga said it’s like they allowed the assault to happen the whole time, like somebody could be watching it, because all three inmates attacked him and no one came to his aid until after Holloway was already injured.

The sheriff’s office says one of the inmates had found out that Holloway was being held on a child molestation charge, by tracking a pin number printed on his bracelet. Chief Deputy Sheriff Jay Cantrell is interviewed as saying he can be a target particularly if it’s a child victim involved, as some inmates might dish out some form of vigilante justice.

Cantrell says the guards did not notice the attack until after it was over. The guards can see into the pod and the monitors show what the cameras are pointed out, but they are monitoring so many cameras that things can get out of hand pretty quickly before the guards can be alerted.

Reynaga says her brother is innocent until proven guilty and he should have been protected until his court day. She adds that they have cameras, so someone should have been monitoring things. Cantrell says the sheriff’s office is stepping up efforts to make sure pin numbers stay private. But with limited resources, stopping every fight is just not possible.

Two felony count of child sexual abuse and a misdemeanor charge of threatening to do violence against Holloway were eventually dismissed when a teenage victim could not testify. …Source.. by

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