What Treatment? People Die Here.

The below is OCEAN Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 10, Article 4 (Feb. 10, 2020) published by Russell J. Hatton & Daniel A. Wilson from the gulag in Moose Lake Minnesota.

There is only one thing that attests to the indifference of the MSOP organization more blatantly than the absence of a basic procedure for a fire drill: they seem to revel in the death of each sex offender.
An MSOP clinician is like a surgeon who leaves her patient on the operating table to die (but not before she gets her paycheck from the tax payers). No client ever gets rehabilitated at MSOP. They just die. To date, almost 80 men have died here in 25 years. That’s more than 3 deaths a year. However, it may be rising.
Since January, 2017 there have been 12 deaths here at MSOP. In contrast, there have only been 9 full discharges from MSOP in the last 25 years. Of those 9 full discharges, the majority were juvenile offenders, so MSOP was forced to let them go (although there are still many juvenile offenders still here). Of the 9 that have gotten out of MSOP, the remaining clients are left to guess and sift through rumors to figure out HOW they got out. Until the public raises a fuss, MSOP will continue to hold as many people as they can until they are all dead.
Every new client in MSOP treatment is shown a movie called, What About Bob. This movie is allegedly meant to illustrate the importance of boundaries between the client and clinician. Before the movie is played the clinician will tell the clients that “Bob” represents the MSOP client and “Dr. Leo Marvin” represents MSOP staff.
In the movie Dr. Marvin tries to kill Bob by tying him to a chair and strapping him with explosives. When that fails, Dr. Marvin acquires a gun and goes after his client.
This analogy eerily communicates MSOP’s true intentions. MSOP clinicians explicitly tell clients that the movie is meant to be an analogy of the client/staff relationship. It should not surprise anyone that people at MSOP are dying left and right. They were fairly warned.
Ironically, Dr. Marvin ends up getting civilly committed to a state hospital and Bob marries the doctor’s sister and lives happily ever after. This part of the analogy we like, because it illustrates how the MSOP saga will hopefully end.
MSOP administration only recently started to announce when clients get released. This is at least in part due to OCEAN’s willingness to point out their hypocrisy. However, MSOP has always been quick to tell us when clients have died and has their way of acknowledging these “MSOP graduates” with their ad hoc meetings, emergency community meetings, and “Celebration of Life” events. Sometimes, we even get details as to how they died and if they suffered or not. We only wish we received as much information about how the 9 released were able to survive MSOP and finally receive their long-overdue freedom.

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