Virginia Deaths in Custody

Source: Virginia Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation, and Substance Abuse Services Discharge Report From 01/01/2003-03/02/2020.

Virginia Center for Behavioral Health

These numbers seem suspiciously low compared to other death-in-custody data we have reviewed. Specifically in Kansas, 260 individuals are indefinitely detained and the facility has 45 deaths to date, whereas in Virginia we have 460 people currently committed and 15 deaths. Because Virginia has much broader use of conditional release, we suspect they are artificially decreasing their death statistics.
While the discharge report generated by DBHDS said that it was “death in hospital,” Virginia Center for Behavioral Health (VCBR) is in fact not a “hospital” and the residents are not “patients” because it is not accredited as a hospital — nor is it accredited as a prison (VCBR is not accredited at all).

Month, Day, YearDeath in/out of Hospital
01/06/2012 Death out of Hospital
09/26/2012 Death out of Hospital
09/14/2015 Death out of Hospital
10/26/2015 Death in Hospital
02/01/2016 Death in Hospital
04/19/2016 Death in Hospital
09/20/2017 Death out of Hospital
11/04/2017 Death in Hospital
01/15/2018 Death in Hospital
02/08/2018 Death out of Hospital
04/15/2018 Death out of Hospital
08/05/2019 Death in Hospital
08/12/2019 Death out of Hospital
09/21/2019 Death out of Hospital
09/24/2019 Death out of Hospital

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