The Dobbs Wire: Oldest and biggest registry in the country at a crossroads – now what?

California:   Holly McDede has put together a really strong story with many perspectives about the state’s sex offense registry, for San Francisco’s publicly-owned radio station.  California’s registry started in 1947, long before the wave of Megan’s Laws were enacted in the 1990s, making it the oldest in the country.  It is the biggest as well, more than 100,000 Californians live with a scarlet letter.  And  every one of those individuals is on the registry for *life*, only a handful of other states are so unforgiving.   Attempts at reform have been unsuccessful although each effort has been stronger than the last.  Today is the last day of the legislature’s session and by the end we’ll know the fate of the latest reform bill.  Have a look or listen to KALW’s terrific report!  -Bill Dobbs, The Dobbs Wire  


KALW Radio (San Francisco, CA) | Sept. 15, 2017

California officials reconsider lifetime sex offender registry



By Holly McDede


Excerpts:  A federal judge declared Colorado’s sex-offender registry unconstitutional earlier this month, ruling that making sex-offenders’ addresses, ages and photos accessible to the public is cruel and unusual punishment. Now, an effort to reform California’s own sex-offender registry is raising questions and concerns.


When you meet him, Fred Ross seems like the kind of guy you want to root for. He just got married. Collages by his two-year-old nephew fill his kitchen wall. He’s applying for his pilot’s license.


We’re not using his real name to protect his identity, because if you Googled him, you’d learn that Ross is a sex offender. You’d also find his home address, photo, and the crime he pleaded guilty to.


His home has been vandalized and he says it’s because of his past and the information in the sex offender registry. How did it end up like that?  MORE of the story and an audio link:




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