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Subject: The Dobbs Wire: Law students!

The Dobbs Wire:  Sexual wrongdoing requires accountability – due process and, if needed, fair punishment.  Nearly all politicians believe ordinary measures are not enough and for sex cases they’ve enacted extra punishments, a massive pile of state and federal laws and red tape with only dubious benefit to public safety.  The “sex offense legal regime” is draconian, convoluted, complicated and destructive:  Official blacklists (sex offense registries, special scarlet letter passports and drivers licenses), gulags (sex offense civil commitment), banishment (residency and presence restrictions), electronic monitoring, surgical and chemical castration as punishment, and more.  Registrants face routine harassment and discrimination; vigilante attacks are a common fear.  Moral panic over sexual wrongdoing has driven reason out of the room in courthouses, state capitols and elsewhere.  Kudos to all the lawyers across the country who battle these laws and policies.  More help is needed, let’s make sure law students – tomorrow’s lawyers – get to engage this area of the law.  The tweets below by a law student, Morgan B, will explain why.  Have a look!   –Bill Dobbs, The Dobbs Wire.  Comments/suggestions/free subscriptions, email:

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