The Dobbs Wire: INSPECT the hydra!

WATCH OUT for #MeToo–that’s the message in an important essay by JoAnn Wypijewski, just published by The Nation.  What about accountability for sexual wrongdoing?  Shall it be delivered by headlines that have morphed into guided missiles, legal process only an afterthought?  We’re decades into very severe laws and punishments for sex offenses.  Nearly 900,000 people are marked with a scarlet letter and forced to sign the sex offense registry.  Will #MeToo spur progress or bring more crackdowns and draconian measures?  Has #MeToo become a wrecking ball aimed at reason and justice?  “Inspect the hydra” and have a look at this powerful and personal piece that’s interwoven with sex diary entries! Don’t miss the passage about an odd advertisement for The New York Times. –Bill Dobbs, The Dobbs Wire


The Nation | Feb. 22, 2018

What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About #MeToo

There are other, unattended stories, ones that do not deny men’s age-old power over women.


By JoAnn Wypijewski


Amid the chorus of stories that define the #MeToo phenomenon, there remain other, unattended stories. These others do not displace the chorus. They do not say, “You are wrong, shut up.” They do not exist in the world of “Keep quiet” or “Be good.” They do not deny the reality of men’s age-old power over women, or conformity as a silencing force. They say power is cunning, power is a hydra; it has more heads than any story or group of stories can describe. They say history does, too. They invite us to inspect the hydra. MORE:


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