Restrictions on religious rights

We are two Christian young men at VCBR.  One day we asked the religious volunteer if he could add communion to our worship/fellowship services.  The volunteer checked with the administration, saying that he could bring everything in himself with no cost to the facility.  The administration gave the two of us greater restrictions because we are not supposed to ask a volunteer for anything. One of us was given 30 days and one 60 days restriction of not attending Bible study or church services.  When we complained, we were told that we could worship by ourselves. (The Catholic service does have communion.) The volunteer was told that he would have to wait to do communion until the new facility is built. That will be in about 18 months. A reply from administration to our request to remove the restrictions, “Directly petitioning for services from an approved volunteer may create a threat to the secure operations of the facility and is prohibited.”

Reg and Bob

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