No Soap in Pandemic: Snapshot from gulag:Coalinga

Mr Price,

The Hospital is out of soap, even though there are signs to wash our hands and the food is not edible; the food is drying out in the equipment to heat it, and we are forced to use the canteen.

Ashlee Bonilla and Janet (a.m. shift lead) tells us that the hospital has no soap.  We need to use the canteen for soap and food.  Because of COVID 19 we are on lock-down, canteen = 10 items , we submit a request by 10:00 am & by about 4:00 the canteen is picked up by unit staff. However the Unit staff are too lazy to pick up the canteen, when they call to pick up the canteen they say it’s not ready. Unit 1 hasn’t had canteen picked up in 3 days. I complained to the am shift lead, Janet, who mocked me by telling me “nobody cares, rah rah rah” and slammed the door in my face. This is typical behavior by the US & shift lead in that they keep reminding us that the public doesn’t care. I think this behavior is an effort to incite violence. This behavior is Hospital-wide, they seem to be intentionally inciting us to act out.

James Hydrick

James Hydrick

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