I am a normal human being

I am labeled a registered sex offender in the state of Florida. I am college educated, raised in a home with loving parents who showed me, by their example, the benefits of hard work and honest living. I was never sexually abused in any way. My family history is made up of intelligent people from the fields of engineering, architecture, art and design. I inherited the artistic side of the family genes. Human faces fascinate me. They are beautiful no mater their age. Because of this fascination I have been branded a pedophile. I broke the law by looking at pictures and video on the computer of underage girls. I have taken full responsibility for my actions and served my prison and probation time successfully, without incident. One of the “tests” I was given to see if I was a pedophile was to look at a series of pictures of all people, fully clothed, of all ages, male and female, adults and children. This test registers pupil dilation of the eyes. If a picture of a pretty underage girl, fully clothed, appeared on the screen I would look at it longer than other pictures. In current laws and psychiatric thinking this makes me a pedophile. This is ridiculous. Sex is being demonized in America. Politicians have used it to their advantage, to get vote, to stroke their own ego, to elevate themselves for financial gain…..a power trip. Current laws regarding sex offenses in America are being propicated by fear and ignorance. This needs to stop. It’s time we stop letting politicians tell us how to think. It’s time for us to have frank, intelligent, meaningful conversations about sexuality. Sex is not evil. Stop the ignorance.


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