This is a very interesting video about a man that left the United States while on probation to Permanently live in Germany as his new home to live as a free person.  He shows what the new International Megan’s Law marked passports look like and talks about the reasons that they are not a problem for entering Germany.  Everyone should watch this video.  Those currently on the sex offender registry in the United States and those that think they will never ever have to be on the sex offender registry.  Everyone that cares about the future of the United States should watch this.  Every United States law maker should watch this video and then immediately work to repeal the International Megan’s Law as well as all of the ineffective SORNA laws that do not make anyone safer.  Please take 10 minutes to watch this video.


Source:  https://ww1.womenagainstregistry.org/about-international-travel-to-germany-under-iml-passports

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  1. I was traveling in Europe in July 2023. My return flights originated in Budapest, with a change of flights in Frankfort. Upon arrival in Frankfort I was met and detained by 5 German Police officers who took my passport and told me I was being held because of the Megan’s law statement in my passport. After about an hour, I was taken to a German office where after another office I was escorted to the gate where I was allowed to board my flight to the U.S.
    No other explanations were given to me.

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