This is a very interesting video about a man that left the United States while on probation to Permanently live in Germany as his new home to live as a free person.  He shows what the new International Megan’s Law marked passports look like and talks about the reasons that they are not a problem for entering Germany.  Everyone should watch this video.  Those currently on the sex offender registry in the United States and those that think they will never ever have to be on the sex offender registry.  Everyone that cares about the future of the United States…

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Update on the Galen Baughman Civil Commitment trial

by Charlie Clark, September 4, 2019 5:27 PM Our Man in Arlington. A culture-clash of a trial will resume in late September in Arlington Circuit Court. The scantly reported-on civil procedure involves the disturbing topic of predatory sexual behavior and the Virginia laws intended to protect potential victims. The trial, preliminaries for which I attended Aug. 26, involves an Arlington family eager to spring a son from an open-ended incarceration they feel the state is pursuing to make a statement against a gay man. Galen Baughman, 35, a graduate of H-B Woodlawn Secondary program who studied opera at Indiana University,…

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Punishment Without Crime

⁦.⁦@MarkHerringVA⁩ has made exceptionally strong statements on ways to improve our criminal justice system. Civil commitment, however, is an area where Va law and enforcement is an injustice and a violation of civil rights. Here’s a prime example: https://t.co/7kVW1wDSIg — Patrick Hope (@HopeforVirginia) August 24, 2019   IN ARLINGTON, A JURY MUST DECIDE IF A NONVIOLENT SEX OFFENDER SHOULD STAY INCARCERATED AFTER SERVING HIS SENTENCE By Philip Fornaci and Roger Lancaster August 23 at 11:32 AM Philip Fornaci is a civil rights lawyer based in Washington. Roger Lancaster is the author of “Sex Panic and the Punitive State.“ On Monday,…

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